Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Natomas Tweets

So I set-up an RSS feed in my Outlook inbox that updates anytime someone puts the word Natomas in their tweet. (I also set up feeds for "sacramento library" and "natomas library")

Here are some of the best so far from the Natomas feed:

Spending time with a beautiful woman @ Sacramento Library South Natomas.

I am prolly natomas' worst boyfriend... I hope i am... I better be

A large yellow beast arrives and I seat myself within it's large and boxy frame. "To Natomas, ho!", I command it.

o u stayed in natomas ! its nice out there people aren't asses like they are in elk grove !

I love the smell of Natomas in the late afternoon. You recognize sarcasm when you see it, right Well, that's where the condos are.

Natomas High is the triple OG...the first HIgh School of #inthenutty ....Inderkum came muuuch later on

#inthenutty if u go to natomas ur at albertsons after school and if you go to inderkum your at carls jr

(So now I know that the hash tag for Natomas is #inthenutty. Maybe I need another RSS feed)

PS - My apologies, ELK!

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